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Plant Breeder Spotlight:
Ton Wijnen (of the Netherlands) is Cultivating Hippeastrum

Hippeastrum flowers - Exchange Opportunity

Allison:  Hi Ton, thank you for agreeing to do this interview.  To help us with your Hippeastrum seed and bulb exchange, please tell us a little more about what you are looking for.

Ton:  I am searching only for Hippeastrum species. These are very rare and difficult to find. 

Hippeastrum amaru (Peru)
Hippeastrum ambiguum ( Peru, Bolivia, Equador)
Hippeastrum andreanum ( Columbia)
Hippeastrum angustifolium ( Brazil, Chile, Argentina)
Hippeastrum anzaldoi ( Bolivia)
Hippeastrum aviflorum (Argentina(Salta))
Hippeastrum barreirasum ( Bolivia)
Hippeastrum breviflorum ( Brazil)
Hippeastrum candidum ( Argentina)
Hippeastrum caiaponicum ( Brazil)
Hippeastrum canterai ( Uruguay)
Hippeastrum caupolicanense ( Bolivia)
Hippeastrum chionedyanthum ( Bolivia)

[To see the full list he is looking for, please click on

GRIPS is pleased to introduce you to a talented plant breeder from Holland, Ton Wijnen.  Ton is a seed collector who has been collecting unique varieties of Hippeastrum for five years. He is seeking partners interested in exchanging Hippeastrum bulbs with him.

Hippeastrum is a very popular indoor winter flower.  These gorgeous flowers infuse a home with vibrant colors during otherwise dark winter months. Ton loves their stunning elegance. With their delicate lines contrasting with bold pools of color, it is no wonder he finds experimenting with them so tempting. 

Hippeastrum are also relatively popular flowers for Plant Breeder's Rights. For example, the Community Plant Variety Office in Europe lists at least 95 filed applications (as of the time of this writing).  Their high commercial value encourages plant breeders to work to bring out the best genetic potential of these flowers.
Ton Wijnen
Holland plant breeder
Seeds and Bulbs to Exchange

If you would like to exchange with Ton, he has a collection of other Amaryllidaceae, such as Lycorus, Clivia, Rhodophiala, Griffinia, Habranthus, Nerine, and Cyrthantus with which he is willing to exchange.  Additionally, he has rare exotic plants, such as Etlingera, Torch Ginger, Gardenia and a nice collection of Camellia's.
Do you have other bulbs you would like to exchange?

Ton:  I have a nice collection of other Amaryllidaceae, such as Lycorus, Clivia, Rhodophiala, Griffinia, Habranthus, Nerine, and Cyrthantus.  Further I have rare exotic plants, such as Etlingera, Torch Ginger, Gardenia and a nice collection of Camellia’s. I am interested in helping other plant breeders.

When did you begin collecting?

Ton:  About 5 years ago

What made you interested in Hippeastrum?

Ton: In Holland there are great collections of excellent Hippeastrum hybrids.  While I also have some of these hybrids. My interest is leaning more towards native Hippeastrum because they have smaller flowers and are very rare with unique colours.

Do you use them in a breeding program?

Ton:  I make my own crossings, not for commercial purpose. It is only for hobby, and also for helping other interested Hippeastrum lovers/collectors.

Do you have a website?

Log in and Click here to access Ton's Facebook page

and here to access Ton's Flickr photo page  

How to Reach Ton

If you are interesting in exchaning with Ton, please send us an email and we will be happy to introduce you. 

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