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One Viable Solution, Miscanthus:  A Perennial Energy Grass that Offers Much in the way
of Sustainability and High Density Energy...

By way of a research tour of an alternative energy research tour in Copenhagen, Denmark in June 2012, I had the opportunity to focus on a plant variety that has been used as biomass and researched in Europe for many decades.

The plant variety, Miscanthus, has long been valued as an ornamental grass but recently scientists have been attracted to one variety in particular, Miscanthus giganteus, which is a naturally occurring hybrid with a tremendous amount of energy potential. Keep reading about Miscanthus giganteus.
Overview of BioEnergy Crops
Working with Plant Breeders to Solve
Energy Provider Challenges with
More Efficient Bio Energy Crops
Governmental mandates around the world are still driving alternative energy development and can provide great opportunities for technological advancement of agriculture.

To understand a bit more what drives nations to mandate the inclusion of biofuels into gasoline and petroleum mix and biomass into utility sources, click here (this link will be active in the next day or so, thanks for your patience).
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