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Testimonials Regarding Intellectual Property Work

“Allison was a pleasure to work with.  She is detail-oriented and highly reliable... She has an entrepreneurial spirit and great communication skills.  I highly recommend her."

Bill Vobach, Registered U.S. Patent Attorney, Swanson & Bratschun, LLC, Denver, Colorado

“While we had spoken with intellectual property attorneys about our business, it wasn’t until we talked with Allison that we began to understand and consider the advantages of proper planning and positioning of intellectual property to our bottom line, i.e. the business side of intellectual property vs. just the legal side.”

Peter & Suzanne Rielle, Business Owners,, Midland, Michigan

“Many inventors and small business people get taken in by scams pretending to have the inventor’s best interests in mind. Allison is a trustworthy and competent professional who can point people in the right direction.”

Darin Gibby, Registered Patent Attorney, Kilpatrick Townsend, Denver, Colorado

“It was a pleasure to have worked with Allison. She is conscientious and willing to do whatever it takes to get her projects completed. Working with a bunch of attorneys is often not easy, but she always managed to keep a cheerful disposition.”

Horace Ng, Managing Intellectual Property Counsel and Director of Patent Procurement,
Marvell Semiconductor Inc., California

“I started working with Allison a number of years ago when she was with a Fortune 500 company…
and Allison helped many people in that organization get a handle on what they needed to do.”

John Harris, Esq. Morris, Manning & Martin, Atlanta, Georgia

“I requested Allison’s assistance and can say that her work is thorough and comprehensive, leaving absolutely nothing out!  Allison not only satisfied all of my questions but went that extra mile and added so much more than I had anticipated. Her friendly disposition made the process so much easier.
I would not hesitate to recommend Allison’s services to anyone.”

Nancy Wylde, Author and Speaker, Sydney, Australia

“Allison does exceptional work with a great attention to detail. In addition, she is a pleasure with which to work.”

Kevin LeMond, Registered Patent Attorney, Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, Portland, Oregon

“I had the honor and pleasure of working with Allison for a year and a half, and simply put, she is amazing! I can only hope I get the opportunity to work with her in the future.”

Dr. Bethany Reid, Registered U.S. Patent Agent

“We found the consulting session to be extremely useful.  We own a videotape and film production company focusing on documentary programming.  Our business is very specialized and they made a concerted effort to research and learn our business, thoroughly analyzing our needs.  The final conclusion was astounding. There were dozens of recommendations and suggestions made and we are benefiting  from several of their suggestions.  I would certainly recommend working with Sean and Allison. We will continue to do so.”

Tom and Sabrina Karges
TaTanka  Productions, Castle Rock, Colorado

"As a consultant, both Allison and Sean make a wonderful team. I consulted Allison and Sean to help me create a brochure for my business as a Reiki Master/Teacher.  Both are professional, creative and have the ability to see the bigger picture of what your business is about.  They care about you and want you to succeed and apply their caring and knowledge into insightful and effective advice and recommendations.  Without my asking, they did their own research on my business and came up with information I was not aware of that added more depth to my brochure.  They also took what I wrote and came up with a more professional, concise and effective language.  I was very pleased with their recommendations and advice and I wholeheartedly recommend Allison and Sean."
B. Rickles, Lakewood, CO

“We held a charity event to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team in Training.  Due to the marketing help of Sean Hannon, the event was an overwhelming success.  Sean made sure the event was well-publicized beforehand to maximize exposure and to ensure a successful event.  Sean was also present at the event to offer suggestions and give his support.  He then got us an article published in the Denver Post publication that was distributed to six different Denver Metro cities, which led to additional donations, nearly doubling the total amount raised.  With Sean’s help we were able to donate a substantial amount of money to lessen the financial burden to families stricken with blood cancers.”

Julie, Marathon Runner
Member, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Teams-in-Training, Denver Chapter

“The shadow marketing service that Sean offered was the critical element to our success. The two days he spent onsite observing and interviewing customers, the staff, and myself really allowed him to understand our business model, concerns and areas that needed growth. Since our initial visit together, Sean… has doubled our business in less than six months. I am hands on in my business but I would have never thought of, or had the time to implement what Sean has done for us. I can't thank him enough!”

Jenn, Salon Owner, Castle Rock

"I had heard about Sean’s knowledge and experience in helping business owners improve their website. When I came to him, I was just starting my business and thought I only needed a website. Sean not only built a website that I was happy with, he also helped me understand that I needed an entire business image that was easy for potential customers to understand. He helped me identify my niche market, package my services, design a business logo, website, and business cards and he even filmed a video and edited one of my radio interviews.

Sean spent considerable time explaining each step to me but also was a good listener making sure he fully understood who I was as a business and what I wanted to accomplish. He always made time for me, even if I had a quick question when he wasn’t expecting to hear from me! I am very impressed with the quality of my marketing package and am very thankful for the special attention Sean gave to my business and me."

Patty, Nutritional Consultant

What Our Clients Say
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