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Did you know that you can file your own applications for U.S. patents, trademarks, and plant breeder's rights applications?  If you and your organization have done so in the past, you also probably know that while you can file yourself, the governmental offices do not make it easy and it can be a huge burden to manage the paperwork, let alone know exactly what to do.

That is where we come in.

We have the experience and organizational skills to help you file the applications yourself, learn and understand the process, and manage the paperwork with confidence.  Our plant protection intellectual property portfolio management services keep you in control without burying you in paperwork.  Allison has expertly managed Fortune 500 intellectual property portfolios for years and she's helped organizations both big and small stay organized, obtain protection, and manage their costs.

If you know specifically what services you need, please review our services below.

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Obtaining a U.S. Plant Variety Protection Certificate?

Allison can help you file US PVP applications and act as an agent representative to coordinate between you, your breeders, and the United States Department of Agriculture (who issues certificates).

Filing for Plant Breeders Rights (or Plant Variety Protection) outside of the U.S.?

Managing costs for world wide PBRs or even filing in a country outside your main place of business can become convoluted and expensive quickly but with our commitment to guide you to great business decisions, we can help you manage this process.  Allison has a network of excellent international plant breeders rights agents and patent attorneys who can not only help with the filing and prosecution of your applications but coordinate field trials. Allison will act as a liaison and apply her plant breeders rights experience for the applications.

Filing a Plant Patent?

Some patent attorneys mistakenly think that plant patent applications are pretty straight forward but this over generalization can cost you more money than it should and delay the receipt of a grant. Allison has the experience to anticipate the questions plant patent examiners ask so that your application process is as efficient as possible. She also works with highly experienced (that doesn't mean expensive) patent attorneys.

Filing a (conventional) "Utility" Patent for Plants in the U.S., Japan, or Australia?

In patent lingo, a conventional patent, called a "utility patent" is available for some plants in a small handful of countries. There are several considerations to keep in mind if you are thinking of this type of protection so please call us if you think you might be interested in a utility application for plants, please let us know.

Get Help to Manage Your Patent and/or Trademark Portfolio?

Allison has been managing patent and trademark portfolios for many companies over the years. As an employee, she was managed a multi-million dollar patent portfolio while coordinating seven different law firms in the U.S. She's been the lead client and work coordinator for many horticulture and agronomic companies both in the U.S., and internationally.

File a Trademark Application?

Whether you want to file your trademark yourself or you are looking for help. Allison can point you in the right direction.

Learn How to Make Money from Your Intellectual Property by Targeting the Market and Consumers and Building Your Brand?

Sean Hannon, one of our professional advisors, has 20 years marketing and sales experience. He focuses on communicating messages in a clear way.  He often says that our own expertise can get in the way of reaching our customers.  His customer-centric view point has led to increased sales for many organizations and individuals. Whether you are looking for help on a marketing communications program, training to increase sales, or building a brand, Sean can help you.

Registering you plant or seed for sale in a country?

The registration of seed relates to the commercial sale of seed in a country.

The seed registration process differs from the plant variety protection process and the requirements are managed by different government organizations. Just because you have a granted plant variety right does not mean that you have the right to sell your plant in the respective country.
Click here to

If you are an agent who registers seed in your country, please contact us as we would like to consider adding you to our network.

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