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Do you Need a Plant Patent Attorney?

This is a question we often hear clients asking.  You do not have to have a plant patent attorney to either file and or prosecute plant patent applications and plant breeders rights applications in most countries and in fact, you can appoint an agent, file the applications yourself, or devise a hybrid situation where you work with various intellectual property professionals depending on the type of work you require. This is an excellent way to keep costs down and only pay for the services you need.

Of course, plant breeding laws can be as complex as the laws of nature itself; however, why pay attorney premiums when you do not actually need legal advise? We can help you manage costs and obtain a better return on your plant breeding programs by directing legal questions to qualified attorneys and using plant breeders rights agents when otherwise appropriate.
How is Allison different than a full service law firm?

I am in the business of helping businesses grow, not in what we in the industry call, "prosecuting intellectual property." Intellectual property is one very powerful tool we at GRIPS use but after all my years at law firms and seeing clients spend money on intellectual property that never generated any revenue, I realized that there was something wrong with this model and that I have the skills to help with the solution.

We are not taking on every client who expresses an interest in our services...

Some firms will take on the client and their intellectual property portfolio whether it is in the best interests of everyone involved or not.

At GRIPS, we interview the client as much as they interview us. Are we a good fit? Is the GRIPS model the best option for them? Is the client really ready to grow their business or are they simply looking for someone to churn out patent and trademark applications for them?

What good is an exercise bike that you never use?

If you are like me, you have at least one piece of equipment meant for exercise that is cluttering your basement or garage. Each spring you think of getting rid of it, but you "know you should keep it and
use it."

Unfortunately, many business owners feel the same way about patents, pbrs, and trademarks…they know they should have them but they never use them.

At GRIPS, we help clients understand when it is worthwhile to file an application for intellectual property or when another approach may be more appropriate, such as creating market dominance through a branding campaign.

A quote by a former patent attorney at Unilever sums up our commitment to "purposeful intellectual property" -

"IP management should not be a matter of doing work as it is handed to you, but rather of helping to direct the business to achieve the results set out in the strategic plan. It’s not patents or trademark processing, its IP portfolio management."

Pay for what you use…

I've been so irritated lately with service providers in the cell phone and cable business. They are hanging tenaciously onto their customers through contracts and offering "services" that are lack luster at best and rarely used. This is a terrible way to treat customers. I miss the 80s when the customer was always right, because you know what, even though a lot of companies have figured out how to bind their customers into a contract, the truth is, the customer is still always right.

At GRIPS, we want you to work with us because you enjoy working with us and you see the value we bring to your bottom line.

We offer an a la carte services so you pay for what you want to use and don't pay for what you
don't need.

Control costs by using an attorney when you need one…

I do not discourage the use of a full service law firm, it is just that there is a time and place for everything. I readily refer clients to attorneys with integrity and expertise. Sometimes there is a convenience that comes with a full service law firm but sometimes it is like buying a home gym when all you need right now are some free weights, a gym membership, and work out partner.

The GRIPS commitment…

My commitment to you to get the most out of your intellectual property is rooted in my thirteen years of experience in intellectual property where I've worked for a highly respected national law firm and small, single member attorney law firms. I've helped clients with tiny IP budgets and clients with indiscriminately large IP budgets and everyone struggled with the same issues. I've set out to help people with those issues!

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