Plant Breeder's Rights are a specialized form of intellectual property protection that allows for the protection of rights for distinct varieties of plants.  While some countries call this type of protection Plant Variety Rights (for sexually reproduced plants), the two forms of protection are generally the same and the application process is nearly the same.  The application process involves a detailed survey of the plant variety's characteristics and the questions vary greatly among different countries.  In general, however, many countries try to follow the guidelines of UPOV, the International Union of New Plant Varieties.

Filing for international plant breeder's rights can be time consuming and taxing on the plant breeder and their team. Precise measurements and testing requirements, including detailed comparison of similar plant varieties means that the best way to start off a successful and even enjoyable application process is to be organized from the start and identify your goals.  Anticipating what countries your organization may be interested in for seeking protection and then reviewing the specific characteristic data required can literally reduce the process to file an application by years.

In addition to proper planning, assembling a knowledgeable team that keeps your particular goals in mind is vital to managing the costs associated with plant breeders rights applications as the costs can mount rather quickly if careful cost-effective decisions are not considered when developing a strategy.

We at GRIPS have an excellent international team of plant agents who have consistently demonstrated excellent service in representing our clients world wide.
In addition to Community Plant Variety Protection (Europe), plant variety rights (U.S. and Brazil, for example) and plant breeder rights, many companies include well thought out licensing arrangements and a trademark strategy that takes into consideration the unique (and often unknown) requirements for trademark protection of plant varieties.  GRIPS has the experience to lead your organization through a well-thought-out plant breeders right strategy.

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Plant Breeder's RIghts (PBRs) and Plant Variety Protection (PVPs)
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International Plant Breeders Rights
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Plant Breeders Rights
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