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If you want more than just intellectual property protection for your plants, if you want to have good or even great sales in the marketplace, then perhaps you should consider hiring GRIPS.

Allison Frederick is the owner and director of GRIPS, which stands for GReen Idea Protection Strategies. GRIPS is a business management and strategic consulting firm focused on creating three-dimensional intellectual property and branding protection.

GRIPS primary emphasis is on plant varieties, biofuels, and alternative energy technologies.

GRIPS is an innovative model cohesively synthesizing Patents, Trademarks, and Branding
for comprehensive protection.
Three-dimensional, comprehensive plant protection requires a stable, strategic approach like that of a stool.

Remove any of these legs and the stool topples.

Unlike law firms or marketing firms, GRIPS utilizes both intellectual property tools and strategic marketing and branding tools to help clients obtain three-dimensional, compre-hensive protection for their plants. We educate our clients to help them understand and determine when intellectual property is the best strategy, when branding is the best strategy, or when a combination of both might be the smartest course of action for a particular plant.

International Plant Breeders Rights
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Allison Frederick
Plant Breeders Rights
Specialist & Agent is a plant variety protection resource guide designed specifically for those in the horticulture industry and floriculture industry who are interested in protecting their plants in the global market. The details posted in this site are for information only to serve as a guide for effective business planning and implementation and does not serve as legal advice. 

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