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While I am not an attorney, fortunately I can understand them and have many, many years racked up in my career trying to translate their terminology so that it makes sense to anyone else outside an intellectual property office. Patent agents, paralegal's, and secretaries are not much better and when they send out emails it is often tough to sort out what in the heck they are asking. The reader or listener quickly develops the "IP glaze" in their eyes! 

These definitions are intended to helpful and to poke fun at my well-intentioned colleagues.

(this page is a work in progress)
The Official Dictionary for Mumbo-Jumbo Plant Protection Intellectual Property Terminology
Glossary of terms for pbrs and other plant protection
What in the heck did they just say?

Just like doctors, attorneys are notorious for speaking mumbo-jumbo and they expect you to make good business decisions based on their convoluted terminology. This tounge-in-cheek dictionary will probably tell you more than you really want to know, but consider it the Vulcan Dictionary to a strange and beautiful world. is a plant variety protection resource guide designed specifically for those in the horticulture industry and floriculture industry who are interested in protecting their plants in the global market. The details posted in this site are for information only to serve as a guide for effective business planning and implementation and does not serve as legal advice. 

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