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We serve clients within the United States and abroad to apply for, manage, prosecute, and obtain plant variety protection certifications with in the United States and internationally.

We also assist with on-site and remote patent and trademark portfolio management.

While we are located in North Carolina, United States, we service clients interests around the world and represent clients within the U.S. as well as international clients.  

Email: Allison

If you are interested in offering a service to us, please email the details and please do not call us with service solicitations.

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"Allison has an entrepreneurial spirit and great communication skills. I highly recommend her."

- Bill Vobach, Registered U.S. Patent Attorney
HoltzerIP, LLC, Denver, Colorado

Our Guarantee

No Hype ~ Just Help

A lot of people try to sell you something you don't need.  A lot of people make promises they never intend to keep.  This "take-your money-and-run" approach has never sat well with me. I believe that in all things, we should leave behind something better than what was there before. 

Our commitment begins first to our clients by:

1.  Being transparent.  We send out invoices that are fair and are clearly written so you know exactly what you are paying for.

2.  Being honest.  If we don't think your financial model supports the type of plant protection you are interested in, we will tell you the pros and cons.  We aren't here to "sell" you intellectual property we are here to help you succeed. 

3.  Partnering with other experts.  Any intellectual property practitioner who leads you to believe they can personally handle all your needs is not thinking of you first, they are thinking of themselves first.  This is a complicated industry and each country has their own laws.  We have a team of partners who have not only demonstrated their expertise, they've also demonstrated that they are client-focused and honest.

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International Plant Breeders Rights
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  • Plant Variety Protection (PVP) Certifications
  • U.S. Plant Patents Registrations ...and more!
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Allison Frederick
Plant Breeders Rights 
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