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This page will be updated. If you would like to be notified when we post updates, please join our Email List by submitting the below request. Thanks. is a plant variety protection resource guide designed specifically for those in the horticulture industry and agriculture industry who are interested in protecting their plants in the global market. The details posted in this site are for information only to serve as a guide for effective business planning and implementation and does not serve as legal advice. is a service of GRIPS - GReen Idea Protection Strategies.  As a Plant Breeders' Rights Agent, I've seen many nurseries, universities, and large-scale agricultural companies become frustrated when they license their plants to growers in other countries and they struggle to understand their rights for enforcement and what are the differences in different kinds of plant protection. Just as importantly, these organizations are challenged with entering a world-wide markets affordably.  My commitment is to help people navigate these complicated waters and to come up with the best plan that works for them. If you would like to email me, Allison Frederick of GRIPS, (Internationalpbr @ gmail [dot] com) for a free and confidential phone call to discuss your unique circumstances, or call at  + 303.522.4740 (U.S.).

If you are looking for an affordable Plant Breeder's Rights Agent who will treat you fairly and who combines her horticulture-protection expertise with cost-effective business and marketing strategies, we invite you to call.

Once you have your plant protection secure, we can also help you create a powerful brand, and marketing communication materials to sell your protected inventions. For more details on our plant marketing services, please visit our company website, GRIPS - Green Idea Protection Strategies

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9 July 2012
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