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Allison Frederick
Plant Breeder's Rights Agent &
Independent Intellectual Property Manager


Colorado, United States

Years of Experience

Over 15 years of Patent and Trademark Experience

Allison has managed Client Trademark and Patent and Plant Breeders Rights 
(and PVPs) for horticulture and sustainable agricultural clients for over 8 years.

What Makes Allison Unique?

Allison has a keen business sense, especially when it comes to saving money, if it isn't going to make you more money, then why spend it? That is her motto (shoes, naturally, are the exception).

Also, I partner with some of the most professional and most intelligent PBR agents and intellectual property attorneys around the world so that my clients can have the level of expertise they need to make great business decisions no matter what direction their business takes them.


News Alert: Past Client succeeds with diesel biofuel tests for their sweet sorghum varieties. While an employee at a law firm, Allison personally coordinated and managed for plant variety protection for these sweet sorghum varieties. It is great to see someone making great strides in the marketplace.
Allison's Professional Philosophy

No Hype ~ Just Help

A lot of people try to sell you something you don't need.  A lot of people make promises they never intend to keep.  This "take-your money-and-run" approach has never sat well with me. I believe that in all things, we should leave behind something better than what was there before. 

Our commitment begins first to our clients by:

1.  Being transparent.  We send out invoices that are fair and are clearly written so you know exactly what you are paying for.

2.  Being honest.  If we don't think your financial model supports the type of plant protection you are interested in, we will tell you the pros and cons.  We aren't here to "sell" you intellectual property we are here to help you succeed. 

3.  Partnering with other experts.  Any intellectual property practitioner who leads you to believe they can personally handle all your needs is not thinking of you first, they are thinking of themselves first.  This is a complicated industry and each country has their own laws.  We have a team of partners who have not only demonstrated their expertise, they've also demonstrated that they are client-focused and honest.

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Allison takes a genuine interest in your innovations.
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Allison has sold her photograhs and loves botanic photography

Below are some examples of her work.
Current Masters Degree student at Harvard University in 
Cambridge, Massachusetts (Extension School)
Environmental Management and Corporate Sustainability 
Emphasis in Sustainable Agriculture and Biofuel Development
International Plant Breeders Rights
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Kadoore Farm in Hong Kong, image used with creative commons license
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Photo credit(s):

1. The beautiful glass greenhouse image is a Wikipedia common license image of Kadoore farm and nursery in Hong Kong 
2. Header photos are royalty-free from 123RF.

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