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Intellectual Property
Allison Frederick
Plant Breeder's Rights Agent &
Independent Intellectual Property Manager

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Advice &
When our clients have needs specific to a particular situations, we are pleased to report that we have team members to provide legal counsel and strategy to meet unique circumstances. Whether you need help with licensing and other contract review, need legal advice, or need representation before international government offices, our team of intellectual property attorneys are available to help you meet your goals. 

We work with intellectual property experts around the world so that you have the legal counsel you need. Areas include but aren't limited to:   Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Europe, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Northern Africa, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Advisory Team
International Plant Breeders Rights
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Kadoore Farm in Hong Kong, image used with creative commons license
Get Protection for Worldwide Markets

    Special Topics: is a plant variety protection resource guide designed specifically for those in the horticulture industry and floriculture industry who are interested in protecting their plants in the global market. The details posted in this site are for information only to serve as a guide for effective business planning and implementation and does not serve as legal advice.  

This website is a service of GRIPS - GReenHouseIntellectual Property Systems.  
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1. The beautiful glass greenhouse image is a Wikipedia common license image of Kadoore farm and nursery in Hong Kong 
2. Header photos are royalty-free from 123RF.

Each plant invention is unique. Some of our team members include Scientific Advisors with PhDs in botanic, genetics, and other related life sciences.

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